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Jeyna Lynn Gonzales

about jeyna lynn

Jeyna Lynn Gonzales (she/her) is an internationally recognized performer and playwright. While pursuing her degree with the University of California, Irvine, she works as an actress, singer, and dancer in California and Florida. She believes art plays a critical role in society and loves creating/performing material that educates, empowers, and excites.

Aside from her passion for the arts, she enjoys sunbathing, working out, skincare, flowers, bingeing TV (it's for "research and professional development"), and learning new skills.


It's June 2020. Set on a street in downtown Atlanta, With Liberty and Justice For All  follows eight people as they attend a BLM protest. They come together as a community, share their voices, and share their stories. But as day turns to night, as the curfew comes and goes, it's every person for themselves. There's only one thing on their mind: run.

A timely and poignant play with incredibly strong performance potential from a variety of actors.

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