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community Service

Auditorium Technician

The majority of my community service is through volunteering as a technician in my school's auditorium. I have tried every position available and have found that I veer toward stage management the most.

I have stage managed shows, band & choir concerts, dance recitals, discussion forums, and more. Because I volunteer for so many events, I have earned multiple theatre scholarships for the amount of service I commit.

HBA Auditorium House Lights.JPG

International Thespian Society Board of Officers

Since January 2018, I served Troupe #6371 as a Board Member year-round. In December 2019, I was elected as President of the program. My responsibilities included team management; event organization; social media networking; digital content creation; and involvement in every event, fundraiser, and production Arnold Theatre has to offer.


Junior Thespians District 10 Festival

I volunteered as a troupe guide for Trinity Catholic Middle's Troupe #89343 on December 1st at the Northwest Florida State College.

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